Oregon Bird Identification Quiz #2.

Can you identify the Oregon birds?

See bottom of page for answers.

Red-tailed Hawk by Pierre Leclerc


Photo by Greg Hume


Photo by Gareth Rasberry


Photo by Peter Wallack


Photo by Nick Saunders


Photo by Kevin Cole








photographed by Dominic Sherony



#1 Is a Red-Tailed Hawk photographed by Pierre Leclerc

#2. Is an American Kestrel photographed by Greg Hume

#3. Is an Osprey photographed by Gareth Rasberry

#4. Is a Green Heron photographed by Peter Wallack

#5. Is a Black-billed Magpie photographed by Nick Saunders

#6. Is a White-tailed Kite photographed by Kevin Cole

#7. Is a Double-crested Cormorant found on Wikipedia

#8. Is a Ring-necked Pheasant source unknown.

#9. Is a Belted Kingfisher found on Wikipedia.

#10. Is a Western Grebe photographed by Dominic Sherony.

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