Yellow Warblers, Setophaga Petechia.

Yellow Warbler Photo By Curt Given

Yellow Warbler Photo By Curt Given

Identifying Them:

It’s fairly easy to spot a yellow warbler because their entire body is yellow except their beaks, feet and wings. Even females are easy to spot because they are still yellow but just a little duller in color. Yellow Warblers are about 4-5 inches tall and their wingspan are about 6-8 inches. Yellow Warblers can be confused with Prothonotary Warblers because they look almost the same and even are the same size but Prothonotary Warblers have a grey-green color on the top of their wings and they don’t have brown streaks on their chest. Yellow Warblers can be hard to see because you’ll find that they tend to inhabit places with clusters of bushes or leaves, though during the breeding season, the males’ distinctive song will help you find the small birds. Their song is a high-pitched tweet sound that starts like this: “tweet tweet tweet” and then gets quicker at the end like “tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet.”


Yellow Warblers breed through most of North America and winters in Northern South America. Yellow Warblers are summer breeders and usually spend the season in copses or thickets (usually beside rivers, streams, lakes and other wetlands). These warblers are migratory and usually migrate to Southern North America.


Yellow Warblers forage by extracting food from limbs of small trees, picking off insects with their beak, or hovering for a few second to get the insects crawling on the leaves. They will also catch food away from trees, by flying and catching insects in mid-air. Yellow Warblers are fierce and may defend their nesting territories from a variety of species o similar birds, like wrens, blackbirds and other types of warblers.

Nesting and Nestlings:

The nest (which only takes 4 days to construct) is built by the female. She first gathers grass, pine needles and bark and forms it into a cup shape. Then she puts fibers from plants and sometimes spider webs all around the nest. The nest appears to be very grey, very deep and very high up in the tree.

Females typically lay 3 eggs which are white with tiny brown spots. The eggs are incubated for 20-14 days and after they hatch, the babies weigh around .046 ounces. Both parents take care of their babies for quite some time until 3-4 weeks after hatching when they leave the nest.


Yellow Warblers eat mostly insects like beetles, wasps, caterpillars and other bugs that they pick from trees, capture in mid-air, or get from leaves that are unsteady for birds to stand on so they can only reach it while hovering.


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