Lazuli Buntings,

Lazuli Bunting Photo by Leander Sylvester Keyser

Lazuli Bunting Photo by Leander Sylvester Keyser

Identifying Them: 

Lazuli Buntings are very small birds and are about 5 and a half inches tall. These Buntings are part of a family called Cardinalidae which includes birds like cardinals, grosbeaks, tanagers, buntings and saltators. Their voice and song is a high-pitched, rapid, trill, similar to that of the Indigo bunting but shorter.
Their beaks are thick like that of grosbeaks and cardinals, which is the main distinction which identifies them as part of the cardinalidae family.


These birds mostly lives in The Western United States and Mexico, where they have heaps and heaps of forest-like areas to live in. You would most likely find them in woody areas or on woody mountains. They may also be near agricultural fields or on residential gardens. A good place in Oregon to find them would be Golden Gardens in Eugene.

Nesting and Nestlings:

These monogamous birds usually like to pick a nesting site rather low to the ground (2-4 feet off the ground) and may either choose a low part of a tree, or a vine or shrub to nest upon.
Females build the nest and chooses where she wants to build it. She collects grass, leaves, weeds and other vegetation to use to build her small nest, lining it with grass, roots and sometimes hair.

She lays 3-4 light blue-green eggs which she alone incubates for around 2 weeks, during this time, the male finds food for both of them to eat. At about a week and a half after hatching, the nestlings become fledglings and leave the nest but they stay close to their nest so that they can get some food (this usually goes on for 2 weeks, after that they can get their own food).


They will eat berries and seeds, but mostly insects, and will come to your bird feeder occasionally if you live very close to their habitat. Lazuli Buntings gather insects from the leaves of trees, bushes and other plants. They will usually perch upon the plants, collecting the seeds with their bill.


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I love learning about species of birds and want to be an Ornathologist. Writing about birds is my passion and I love every part of it!
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