Songbirds and Raptors Quiz

There may be a time where there are two answers that are both correct and if that happens then you can choose either one. Answers to the questions are at the bottom of the page.

Question #1. True or false, all songbirds are herbivores and all raptors are carnivorous?

A. True, because raptors are carnivores and songbirds are herbivores.

B. False, because some songbirds are herbivores and others omnivores, raptors are carnivorous though.

C. False, because songbirds are any bird whether they are carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous, and raptors are rare birds that are mostly omnivorous.

Question #2. True or false, all raptors are bigger than songbirds?

A. True, because the fact that raptors are so large is what makes them such deadly predators.

B. True, because songbirds are so tiny and all raptors that I have seen are huge!

C. False, because their size isn’t what qualifies them to be raptors, if a chickadee was carnivorous, it would be a raptor.

Question #3. Which is the largest songbird in America?

A. Stellar’s Jay

B. cardinal

C. raven

Question #4. Which is not a songbird?

A. Pileated Woodpecker

B. Western Tanager

C. Lazuli Bunting

D. Cedar Waxwing

Question #5. What is the smallest raptor in America?

A. White-tailed Kite

B. Kestrel

C. Northern Pygmy Owl

D. Burrowing Owl

Question #6. What is the largest known raptor in America?

A. Golden Eagle

B. Osprey

C. Bald Eagle

D. Eurasian Eagle Owl

E. Great Horned Owl

Question #7.  On August 9, 2007, this bird was removed from an endangered species list and is now roaming freely because of the government banning a certain pesticide which was killing them, was it….

A. The Northern Spotted Owl

B. The Brown Pelican

C. Burrowing Owl

D. Bald Eagle

E. Everglades Snail Kite

Question #8. True or false, the White-tailed Kite is a raptor that lives in Oregon?

A. False, because few raptors live in Oregon

B. True, I am not sure but I know that Oregon has a lot of wildlife

C. True, White-tailed Kites aren’t hugely populated in Oregon but they do venture to Oregon

Question #9. True or false, the Western Tanagers lives in western Ohio.

A. True, Western Tanagers are very common and populated in Ohio

B. False, Western Tanagers are only found in western California and western Washington

C. False, Western Tanagers don’t live in Ohio but they do live in Oregon and other parts of the western United States

Question #10. True or false, one of the American Kestrels’ predators is a Fire Ant?

A. False, because Fire Ants are little bugs that would never kill anything.

B. False, because Fire Ants are herbivores.

C. True, because Fire Ants have been seen killing an American Kestrel.




Question #1. B. 

Question #2. C. Ravens are songbirds and are larger than the American Kestrel which is a raptor.

Question #3. C. The largest songbird in America is a raven.

Question #4. A. Pileated Woodpeckers don’t really have much of a song as their call.

Question #5. B.

Question #6. A.

Question #7. D. The Bald Eagle was put on the Endangered Species List because of DDT in their environment and food. Fortunately, the government banned DDT and Bald Eagles are now higher populated.

Question #8. B and C

Question #9. C.

Question #10. C.



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