(Common) Barn Owls

Adult Barn Owl

Adult Barn Owl Photo By Stevie B.

Identifying them:

Looking at a barn owl, you will see that they are around 19 inches tall. It has beautiful long wings and have a wingspan of 43 inches. Their wings are gold but their chest and face is white.


Barn Owls usually like to live in farm country or open woodlands. The reason they are called Barn Owls is because they love to perch on fences, barns and haystacks. They love to hang around man-made structures next to fields with prey for them to eat.

Nesting and Nestlings:

Females make their nest which they use throughout the year for roosting and taking care of her nestlings. Barn Owls nest inside holes in trees, cliff ledges and caves. They sometimes burrow in river banks and in all sorts of man-made structures.

Once in their entire lifetime, they will breed, laying 4-7 dull-white eggs. During their incubating period which lasts a month, the male Barn Owl will bring food while the females sit and take care of the eggs, making sure they are safe and warm. Watch how the mother takes care of her broods live at http://cams.allaboutbirds.org/channel/42/Barn_Owls/   The nestlings’ calls our high pitch and the parts of their bodies that isn’t covered with downy is pink.

Predator and Prey:

When hunting, it hovers over rodents or animals like most raptors do. They eat about 1 or 2 rodents a night. Barn Owls like to eat mostly rodents and vertebrates such as toads, mice, rats, moles and bats. They do not feast on other small owls as the Great Horned Owl does. Their beak curves down so that they can get a grasp of small animals. They are nocturnal and hunt at night, so chipmunks, squirrels and such are safe from them. Blackbirds and meadowlark are sometimes eaten by Barn Owls but they are not their main diet.

When being attacked, they hiss and snap their beak. The Barn Owl has many predators, like Common Raccoons and other mammals. Barn Owls also have many predators that are birds, such as eagles, vultures, hawks and other birds of prey. One owl is its most common enemy, it is the Great Horned Owl. All of those animals are very dangerous but the most common predators are humans and our pets.

Random, Interesting Facts:

~In captivity they may live to around 20 years of age but in the wild they live to 4 years old.

~More females are spotted in the wild than males.

~Female seem to have darker wing than males.

Watch a Barn Owls’ egg hatch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfzkCLkQKkE#t=200




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