Pheasants are around 22-33 inches in wingspan, and 19-27 inches in length.

Bird watching is really fun as you all may know, me and my mom always bike to a particular field to watch pheasants and it’s predators, foxes. The field has tall grass so that many animals can hide. Pheasants are very large, and have plump bodies. Lots of the time you can identify them by their loud chicken-like sound, and their colorful bodies. But it may be difficult, because if you are in a field with tall grass and they see you, they may get very low to the ground so you can not see them. Most birdwatchers know that most male birds have very colorful bodies and females have a very bland color like light brown. This way, males can attract mates. Well Pheasants are the same way. Males are very colorful and females are a light brown color.

    Pheasants are Omnivores. In fall or winter, they eat grain, wild berries, nuts, and such things that come from farm fields. They also eat insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars, and crickets. Pheasants scratch/dig at the ground to receive those insects. So that is why Pheasants usually live in grasslands, and agricultural land.

Random Facts:

~They can usually fly about 600 feet at a time.

~They are smaller than a Wild Turkey.

~Their most common predator is the fox.

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