American White Pelican

I am here to tell you some facts about the American White Pelican.




The American White Pelican is a water bird. They have a large heavy body and a short tail. They are 50-65 inches long and127-165 centimeters. There wingspan is 96.1-114.2 inches long and 244-290 centimeters. They way from 4,500 9,000




Food: They eat fish and dips it’s head down and scoops up fish unlike the brown pelican. They eat mostly tad poles, crayfish, and salamanders.

Habitat: They live in a lake or pond but you may often see them flying above the surface.

Nesting: The nest in the ground, a little bit away from the water.

You may sometimes see them at the beach. Next time you go there point out some Pelicans. Watch their graceful flying.

Note ~This bird is not usually found in Oregon.



About faithelise

I love learning about species of birds and want to be an Ornathologist. Writing about birds is my passion and I love every part of it!
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