Blue Paint

Blue paint

This Blue paint Dances on my chin.

It plays hockey

than takes a swim.

It fly’s like an angel

down my ribs

than tosses his glow in the air.

It can be sad

and also mad.

It hops down my legs

it tickles my feet

giggles and laughs when I wiggle

yes  wiggle

my toes.

By Faith


About faithelise

I love learning about species of birds and want to be an Ornathologist. Writing about birds is my passion and I love every part of it!
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2 Responses to Blue Paint

  1. Jayan says:

    so cute * Blue Paint*

    • faithelise says:

      “Thank you!”

      Did you read red paint?
      What is your favorite color?
      Because I want to write a poem about your favorite color as a birds wings.


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