The Amazing American Goldfinch! (tah-da!)

Hello friends!

American Goldfinch

A fact:

The American Goldfinch is a very small North American bird.

As you can see to my left, the male has a yellow body and orange bill and mostly black wings with lots and lots of white streaks going down the middle of its wings.

Now here’s a photo of the female American Goldfinch. Notice she has an orange bill like the males. She has the same wings as a male but has–and here’s the important part– a white stomach.

Cool facts:

The American Goldfinch is typically 11-13 cm (3-5 in) long while its wingspan is 19-32 cm (7-9 in). The American Goldfinch mostly always flies together with other birds of the same species in small flocks.

And listen to this: The American Goldfinch usually calls out with a chirpy song full of trills. One more cute thing: It flies with a little bounce.

Also, let’s face it, like with other birds, the male is better looking then the female. They are like that because they want to attract the ladies.

Look down below! You can listen to the sound the American goldfinch makes!


Written by Faith Elise!

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p.s.s. For more info about the American Goldfinch go to:

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I love learning about species of birds and want to be an Ornathologist. Writing about birds is my passion and I love every part of it!
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